MAMAGREEN design department is headed up by two highly talented individuals. From very different backgrounds, they are similarly inspired and driven to create perfect outdoor furniture. Their combined creativity and passion has elevated MAMAGREEN’s status to one of the most outstandingly successful outdoor furniture brands in the world.

Vincent Cartaert is a third generation Belgian furniture designer. Like his father, and grandfather before him, he has dedicated his life to creating furniture that is both unique and supremely comfortable. His talent comes from a combination of his childhood memories of watching his father create beautiful furniture, combined with the experience he gained studying art in university. It has given him the tools to design modern furniture that is minimalistic, beautiful and comfortable. His mind is always full of design furniture ideas.

Barbara Widiningtias was one of the first women to graduate in wood furniture studies in Semarang, Indonesia. Born with a sketch book in her hand, and a long term enthusiast of graphic design, studying proportions and technical furniture details prepared her for a career in premium outdoor furniture. After long term involvement in the European furniture industry, she is now considered an expert in not only outdoor product design, but also graphics, quality assurance, drafting and interior design.