We understand that your project is very important. Whether you are working in the commercial market, the hospitality industry or creating the perfect space for a private residency, you want your project to be unique.
Now you can access furniture that is one-of-a-kind, just like your project.

  • Tear sheets upon request.
  • Ground clearance measurements.
  • 2D drawings, various formats.
  • 3D drawings, various formats.
  • 2D and 3D visualizations.
  • We welcome COM (Customer Own Material).
  • Yardage lists.
  • Modification of the shape of our furniture.

As long as the customization wanted does not compromise the integrity, quality and safety of our finished product, we can customize MAMAGREEN furniture in the way you want it for your unique project.
We are dedicated and passionate to make your unique creative project come to life.


The project is a rooftop terrace and chairs need to be weighted.
To meet the needs of disabled people, the furniture needs very specific dimensions.
All teak table tops need to be pre-treated with a protector, to keep the original color longer.
For a public project all items need the possibility to be bolted to the floor.
Armrest height needs to be revised to match existing tables, or vice versa.
There are specific safety requirements to the foam and fabric.
For lounge furniture the covers are made by the customer, and only the insert pads are required.
We need to supply matching coasters and placemats.

The customization process is very simple:

  • It starts with a request for a quotation for a customization.
  • You specify the item you want to customize and give us the details of the customization: dimensions, color, fabric, shape.
  • Our R&D department and designers will go over the request to determine whether it is possible, suppliers will be contacted to crosscheck material requirements.
  • If it is, a visual representation of the customized product will be created for your approval.
    If there is an aspect of your request that we cannot fulfill, we will provide the closest possible options.
  • These requests are considered a top priority, and you will mostly receive the quotation within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Once the terms of the customization are agreed upon, the manufacturing process begins.
  • It should be understood that customized orders can take longer to manufacture than our standard products, therefore we advise always to indicate very clearly the requested delivery and installation date.