MAMAGREEN is committed to protecting your personal data very seriously against accidental or deliberate manipulation or use. MAMAGREEN is also committed to ensuring that website ( users are always aware of what information is being collected and how it is being used. We will use information according to this privacy statement. We will not give, share or sell this information to others in ways different from disclosed in this statement. When you provide your personal contact information to MAMAGREEN, we will maintain confidentiality and it will only be used to support your relationship with MAMAGREEN. If we decide to change the MAMAGREEN privacy policy, we will update this page. Please check this privacy statement regularly.

Any information regarding a user’s identity is regarded as personal data. As found in the MAMAGREEN contact us page, or registration page of the MAMAGREEN website, it may include (but is not limited to) where you live, what you do, your first name, last name, email address, telephone number or numbers, a website, a question, comment, or inquiry. As an international company, MAMAGREEN may transmit your data, as required. Personal data will be disclosed to MAMAGREEN employees or third parties who are legally contracted to work with or for MAMAGREEN, as and when required, and with exercised due dilligence. No information or personal data will be forwarded unless under these stated circumstances, and MAMAGREEN is committed to ensuring that an appropriate level of data protection is implemented at all times and throughout the MAMAGREEN companies. MAMAGREEN supports your right to receive information about your stored personal data, free of charge and at any time. Users of MAMAGREEN’s website have the right to correct, revise or delete any personal data at any time, however MAMAGREEN has the legal obligation to respect local juristiction and provide legally admissable data  or other requested information when required by legal authorities. Note that the MAMAGREEN website does not use cookies, either ‘session’ (temporarily storing user information) or permanent. MAMAGREEN may use analytical assistance from time to time, but will not release any user personal data to these services. Users of MAMAGREEN’s website may oppose the use of their data for advertising purposes at any time by using the contact details provided on the MAMAGREEN website. Alternatively, or for any inquiries or queries regarding data collection on the MAMAGREEN website, please contact us at

MAMAGREEN does not wish to collect information from any person who is not legally adult, or fourteen or under. If MAMAGREEN becomes aware of any child submitting personal data to the MAMAGREEN website they will specifically inform the child that they should not submit any personal data to MAMAGREEN.  If any parent or adult responsible for their care becomes aware that a child has provided MAMAGREEN with any personal data, we request that they inform MAMAGREEN as soon as possible, so that it may be fully deleted. In this case, please email

The MAMAGREEN website contains social plug-ins, identified by the various social media logos found on the MAMAGREEN website. If you click any of these social media logos found on the MAMAGREEN website, your browser will automatically make a direct link to the relevant social media’s server.  That social media identity will transfer the content of the plug-in directly to your browser, which will in turn integrate it into the MAMAGREEN website. The social media identity will therefore receive information that you have accessed on the corresponding MAMAGREEN website page. If you are logged onto the relevant social media account already, that social media account can also direct the MAMAGREEN website to your social media account. Furthermore, if you use the social media plug-in (for example only, ‘liking’ the MAMAGREEN social media account that you have been directed to), the relevant information will be transferred from your browser to the social media company, and stored there. Details of data collection, processing and use, as well as privacy options, may be found in the social media identity’s privacy statments. If you do not want social media companies to collect data in this way, please log out of your accounts before accessing the MAMAGREEN website. MAMAGREEN website uses plug-in’s for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, whose terms of use and physical office addresses can be found as follows ;

Instagram ;
200 Jefferson Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Facebook ;
Facebook Inc.
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

LinkedIn ;
United States:

LinkedIn Corporation
1000 W. Maude Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Outside the United States:

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company
Wilton Plaza
Wilton Place, Dublin 2



MAMAGREEN companies are as follows ;

222 Merchandise Mart
Suite 1519A
Chicago, IL 60654

KIW – Jalan Gunung Kelir 11
50152 Semarang
+62 24 866 3900