100% outdoor

Each production process, from drying wood, to welding frames, powder coating or upholstery, is set up to ensure that the final results achieve and exceed the MAMAGREEN 100% OUTDOOR standard. Each year we select a number of new materials and launch new collections, and each and every element is tested in our in-house lab. We continuously manufacture using the most durable high performance materials. Design excellence in the world of outdoor furniture is not just about the look and feel, but also very much about functionality.

From the smallest part – a small bolt or choice of sewing thread – up to the most significant elements, such as individual teak logs, and metal sheets – we always consider every part as essential for each beautiful, sophisticated MAMAGREEN design; and must be highly resiliant. Not just against UV rays, but also precipitation, thunderstorms, frost, sleet, and whatever else the weather has in mind. Read more

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100% outdoor – textiles – other materials – maintenance

Sunbrella outdoor cushions, pads and pillows

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Table surface selections

MAMAGREEN design outdoor furniture is built for longevity. Teak wood is the classic choice; dense, full of natural oils, and able to survive harsh weather conditions. Alternatively, our Italian high pressure laminate (‘HPL’) table tops are eye-catchingly modern design additions to any residential or commercial space, able to withstand harsh outdoor environments and.. Read more

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Metal selections

MAMAGREEN modern design furniture offers an extensive selection of easy care metal frame styles and materials. Whether steel or aluminum, all are strong, chic, and somewhat minimalist, perfectly finished ‘as original’ (for stainless steel), or color powder coated, inhouse. Read more


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All weather wicker and weaving

MAMAGREEN all weather, design wicker is perfect for long-term outdoor use. Made of smooth-sided, solution-dyed polyethylene, it will maintain integrity regardless of extreme temperatures and inclement weather conditions. UV resistance, elasticity and therefore optimal sitting comfort is guaranteed. Read more

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