MAMAGREEN design outdoor furniture is built for longevity. Teak wood is the classic choice; dense, full of natural oils, and able to survive harsh weather conditions. Aesthetic beauty, and ease of maintenance is optimized by our finishing processes; brushing creates a traditional ‘outdoor’ textured feel, while smooth sanding looks highly contemporary and facilitates even easier cleaning.


Highly weather resistant in all environments, our recycled teak comes from abandoned constructions. Each plank is carefully selected to the highest performance standards, and upcycled into a creative, sophisticated MAMAGREEN furniture design.

The smooth finish creates the feel of indoor furniture, for outdoors. Striking color differences and construction marks mean each piece has individual character.

ZUDU dining table 220 and chairs

Utilized by MAMAGREEN since 2007, the brushing process highlights the full potential and unique look of used wood (including nail holes, cuts and natural defects). The result is distinctively robust and ‘all-weather’.

OKO sectional lounge

Sustainabily upcycling top quality production offcuts, smaller pieces of recycled wood are finger-jointed individually, by hand. The final result is beautifully textured table tops, durable in any outdoor environment.

NATUN laminated teak slat table and stacking chairs


In 2018, MAMAGREEN has gone one step further. The focus is no longer just reclaiming and recycling teak wood, but upcycling; whereby natural and historical value of the teak is acknowledged, and full potential realised. The result is a highly contemporary, texture-rich piece of wood which we incorporate in our showcase collections for 2018. In AIKO LOUNGE drift-look teak becomes matrix bases, and in AIKO DINING, the table legs.

MAMAGREEN drift-look teak is showcasing both natural and handmade distress marks, processing every single plank individually. This ‘extra-distressed’, perfectly recycled teak is then finished, either ‘as original’, or in rich espresso.

AIKO sectional lounge and MONO square table

Mature grade A teak is carefully sourced as and when needed, from responsibly managed and fully certified teak wood plantations in Indonesia. The entire production process is directly supervised, from log to smooth and perfectly finished product.

EKKA square dining table and stacking chairs

For classsic outdoor living. Laid straight or ‘abstract’, smooth sanded teak creates modern design furniture, showcasing the inherent warmth and style of teak wood.


industrial style

MAMAGREEN handcrafted industrial range uses 100% recycled wood.  Marks and variations in the recycled teak wood are highlighted for authentic industrial style.


Selected, perfectly laminated teak components, with an appealing brushed-look finish.

Industrial lounge, 1 and 2 seater plus casual table


Distinctive, featuring classically industrial distress marks, both natural and handcrafted.

Industrial bar table, stools and weave bar chairs