Teak (scientific name Tectona Grandis) is a premium hardwood, native to South East Asia, with a very high natural oil content, highly resistant to rotting, fungi, warping and water absorption, remaining durable even in an extreme climate.

Exposed to sunlight, the color of teak, will gradually change from honey brown to silver grey. This weathering does not affect the performance or quality of the timber. Various products are on the market to clean, protect or restore teak.


Mamagreen carefully controls the sources of its teak timber, avoiding any negative impact on the environment, where possible we use reclaimed or recycled teak from abandoned constructions.

Recycled teak has character : there are a lot of signs that these wood components had a previous function. There are holes where bolts were used, there are nail-holes, damages from hinges and other imperfections, that give recycled teak its unique look. We do not attempt to hide these characteristics, because we feel that each aesthetic imperfection in the wood adds to the exceptional feeling in the furniture.





In 2018, MAMAGREEN has gone one step further. The focus is no longer just reclaiming and recycling teak wood, but upcycling; whereby natural and historical value of the teak is acknowledged, and full potential realised. The result is a highly contemporary, texture-rich piece of wood which we incorporate in our showcase collections for 2018. In AIKO LOUNGE drift-look teak becomes matrix bases, and in AIKO DINING, the table legs.

MAMAGREEN drift-look teak is showcasing both natural and handmade distress marks This ‘extra-distressed’, recycled teak is then finished, either ‘as original’, or in rich espresso.

Highly contemporary, texture-rich Drift-look teak is used in our iconic AIKO Collection.

Grade A plantation teak is carefully sourced from responsibly managed and fully certified teak wood plantations in Java.

Smooth sanded teak looks best with simple, regular cleaning. especially if the furniture is placed under trees or used regularly for dining. Wash with a mild household soap and lukewarm water to avoid mildew, caused organically by dirt gathering in the grains and notches.

All Mamagreen teak furniture is treated with Golden Care “Teak Shield”, whose protective layer protects against marks, without stopping the silver grey weathering process.

For classsic outdoor living. Laid straight or ‘abstract’, smooth sanded teak creates modern design furniture, showcasing the inherent warmth and style of teak wood.


industrial style

MAMAGREEN handcrafted industrial range uses 100% recycled wood.  Marks and variations in the recycled teak wood are highlighted for authentic industrial style.


Selected, perfectly laminated teak components, with an appealing brushed-look finish.


Distinctive, featuring classically industrial distress marks, both natural and handcrafted.