MAMAGREEN modern design furniture offers an extensive selection of easy care metal styles and materials. All are strong, chic, and somewhat minimalist, perfectly finished ‘as original’ (for stainless steel), or electrostatically color powder coated, inhouse.

Powder Coating Colors - anthracite (F09)
applications: Aluminum/stainless steel/galvanized steel
specifications: Powder Coating Anthracite (sand textured - gloss 15%)


Category A

  • anthracite

  • black

  • taupe

  • white

Category B

  • urban white

  • fire engine

  • industrial

  • ink black

  • orange coral

Category C

  • white
    high gloss

Category M

  • cotton

  • iron black

Category N

  • neo brass

  • neo copper

MAMAGREEN design-colored aluminum furniture uses the smooth, strong alloy 6063. Light, versatile, and 100% weatherproof with additional UV protection.

Highly durable stainless steel is available ‘as original’ (clear, hairline finish for a super contemporary look), or electrostatically powder coated. MAMAGREEN standard is 304 grade, but 316 grade, with further increased anti-rust properties, is also available for bespoke applications in marine environments.

Hot bathed in zinc, galvanized steel frames are utilized for our industrial-style catalog. Progressive and super robust, they can also be electrostatically powder coated in a special selection of primary colors and are available as original & distresed.

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