MAMAGREEN furniture pieces are for the most part, designed around a strong, durable metal structure. Made to perform well, our metal frames come in different textures and colors that withstand the challenges of commercial and residential use.


Powder Coating Colors - anthracite (F09)
applications: Aluminum/stainless steel/galvanized steel
specifications: Powder Coating Anthracite (sand textured - gloss 15%)


Category A

  • anthracite

  • black

  • taupe

  • white

Category B

  • urban white

  • fire engine

  • industrial

  • ink black

  • orange coral

  • azure

Category C

  • white
    high gloss

Category M

  • cotton

  • iron black

Category N

  • neo brass

  • neo copper

  • neo bronze (hammered)


Rigid, yet light weight, aluminum is a sturdy metal, very well suited for outdoor furniture, with structural anti-rust capacities. Powder coating protects against surface corrosion. Applying electrostatically charged dry paint, baked in an oven, the paint becomes a protective layer with a uniform color and texture. Powder coated frames can be easily cleaned with a soft brush and soapy water. To handle the occasional scratch mark, we provide touch up kits in a similar color.


Unmatched in strength and beauty, stainless steel frames are extremely suitable for most outdoor environments. We generally use 304 stainless steel, an iron alloy with a high corrosion resistance, thanks to its unique chrome addition and nickel content, in a hairline finish, with subtle continuous, uni-directional grind marks. This finish will last well, when regularly cleaned, however, susceptible to tea staining is not advised in a marine environment, exposed to chlorinated or salt water. A number of our collections are available with powder-coated 304 stainless steel frames. This finish will hold up well – also in a coastal environment – protected by a UV resistant, durable, low maintenance powder coating on top of a strong epoxy primer. Marine grade 316 stainless steel in a shiny mirror look finish, is available for custom projects, such as beach front properties or cruise ships.


Steel, protected with a zinc layer, has high corrosion resistance. Furniture made with a galvanized steel frame is very sturdy, and suitable for windy areas such as roof tops. Galvanized steel is available clear, but can be powder coated as well with non-textured, gloss dry paint (category B).


Superior all weather capabilities make this powder coating ideal for use in extreme environments and submerged applications such as ledge loungers. This Austrian made electrostatic coating spray is baked on top of a zinc free epoxy primer, and can be applied on stainless steel and aluminum

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